Citizen, not Consumer

On this Cyber Monday, I am more than well-versed in the tools I need to get the most out of my consumer experience.  If I haven’t secured a deal in advance from, I check and to see which will maximize a rebate from my online retailer.  And I never buy before searching for a promotional code.

How sad that as an educated, well-read, progressive American woman I know more about how to optimize my family’s purchasing power than I do about my rights as a citizen.

I was an AP History student in high school, I took a course in college called Resistance and Protest in the American Dream, I have been educated in power dynamics and the authority of self.  Yet still, I remain ignorant of the basics.

As an American citizen, what documents and agreements govern me?  How can I learn to optimize my family’s liberty by my practical and political actions?

To the primary sources!  I think I’ll start here:

The learning curve to come feels overwhelming.  I trust though that my eventual return will be far greater than the 2% is offering.


One thought on “Citizen, not Consumer

  1. Good Link…

    Its unfortunate how jaded and slanted vectors for information to the masses have come. Walter Cronkite is spinning!!!

    Some one please take the “You know what I think” out of the media!


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