I play. But this is what I think.

Happy New Year!  More to the point: merry, merry returning of the light!  From the depths of winter’s spiraling darkness, the sun is pulling me each day incrementally closer to the surface.  Persephone, upward!  It’s time to work.

For this project, that means tending to focused purpose, organization, and consistency.  It’s been fun to play, but here’s what I think:

  • Liberty, as an organizing societal principle, is as essential to our human survival as water, food and shelter;
  • In the United States, we have traded liberty for comfort;
  • It is possible to weave a new societal story;
  • It is my responsibility to take practical, personal action to exercise, reclaim and reinvigorate liberty.

And here’s the site plan for 2012:


Practical Homesteading ordinary ideas for optimizing liberty in daily life;


Politics & Philosophy notes on my exploration of liberty as a philosophical and political principle;


Gleanings from the Green Realm a record of my life as a modern peasant farmer.

So mote it be.


N.B.: Post title from Wallace Steven’s poem, The Man with the Blue Guitar, Stanza XXIV, Line 10.


A poem like a missal found
In the mud, a missal for that young man,

That scholar hungriest for that book,
The very book, or, less, a page

Or, at the least, a phrase, that phrase,
A hawk of life, that latined phrase:

To know; a missal for brooding-sight.
To meet that hawk’s eye and to flinch

Not a the eye but at the joy of it.
I play. But this is what I think.”

Stevens, Wallace. The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens. New York: Vintage Books, Division of Random House, 1990.


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