Oops & The New Blogger Award

Sorry about that last post . . . which is now properly scheduled for Wednesday and will be proof read with rested eyes before then!  This one’s what I really meant to publish today before my fingers slipped.

In early February, Jueseppi B., theobamacrat.wordpress.com, kindly nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  After contemplation, I declined because one of the requirements was that I in turn nominate fifteen bloggers, something I am way too new to this space to do with any sort of quality control.  Being his own authority, Jueseppi graciously responded with this:

“You have been given an award you can accept….if you so choose.

I have met some stunningly magnificent people since I took my blog private and decided to run it alone. I have received two awards in my short time as a private blogger. And I can not tell you the joy receiving those two awards brought to my mind. I noticed that awards for us bloggers carry some requirements that might be a bit overwhelming to new bloggers, so I came up with this idea….a New Blogger Award.

In this Inaugural nomination process of the New Blogger Award, I will select a number of new bloggers I think deserve to have motivation, acceptance and praise for the work they are doing. I have but three requirement for acceptance of this award…
1). That your blogging experience be fairly new, or fairly unknown.
2). That you pass this award forward to other new bloggers that you discover who impress you as a fellow blogger.
3). That you place the New Blogger Award on your blog site….in either of the two versions available.

There is NO time requirement to do this, take your sweet time.”

So in the spirit of encouragement, and believing no one will be harmed in the process, I graciously accept.  Thank you Jueseppi.

That’s all for tonight.  Practical Homesteading tomorrow and you’ve forgotten all about the erroneous posting already, right?



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