Sometimes It Rains

On Wednesdays I have a deal with myself that I’ll post something related to my philosophical and political exploration of liberty.  So I’m here, showing up, but sometimes that’s all we can do.  With nothing fully formed enough yet to be written with any truth, I offer to you instead some notes on the direction of my present journey.  All of them are in my opinion, great reads.  And yes, I am definitely a nerd.

I connected, through the Libertarian Alliance Blog, with the ideas of Keith Preston, who’s New Totalitarianism is making me smile.  His naming of liberty’s contemporary opponents, their history, and their methods is fascinating.

From a high school friend who now is a professor of political theory, I was introduced to The Big Casino from Karl Widerquist’s Justice as Agreements Between Free Individuals, a paper which seeks to demonstrate that liberty derives from property and that libertarian economics will not produce liberty unless society supports a basic income guarantee for each citizen.  Again, fascinating stuff.  I am listening Professor!

Following that line, and seeking examples of power in the face of both Preston’s world view and Widerquist’s Casino, I came across Vaclav Havel’s 1978 The Power of the Powerless.  I’ll give you a hint – it’s got something to do with the power of living in truth and being a mirror to the lie.

Been checking out too this interesting work by Charles Eisenstein called Sacred Economics.

So that’s where I’ve been knocking about lately in pursuit of liberty.  I’ll polish up my thought jewels and return soon with them polished and gleaming (1).

© Jennifer S. and, 2012.


(1) via The Best Of The Grateful Dead Projects: The Best Of The Eleven.


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