SOP for Our 43,560

Greetings from our humble 43,560: square feet that is, which my husband assures me is what’s in an acre.  Makes it seem as big as it feels most days.  More yard than house, this space is brimming over with life from all the realms – green vegetable and floral beings of countless variety, birds, butterflies, bees, grasshoppers, spiders, dragonflies, praying mantis, moths, trees, mud, skinks, squirrels, turtles, voles, snakes, rabbits, faeries, spirits of the land, and two very sweet and curious little boys.

It is for the latter that I am embarking on a journey to put to print our 43,560’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).  It’s a term I learned from the woman who took over my last 9 to 5 gig.  Consider this then preparation for the passing of the torch: a How-to Guide of our human part in this marvelous mini-habitat we and so many others call home.

As with Recipe Rites, I figure if I begin now, I’ll have a chance of finishing in the eleven years I have left before my oldest becomes an adult.  Working like the old men in the fields.  Cool running (1).  This will assemble slow and steady, with the urgency of winning the race.

While the details will vary for each project, there are some overarching principles that we tend to employ more often than not:

  1. Robert Hunter is right: without love in the dream, it’ll never come true (2).
  2. Set your intention and then go with the flow.
  3. Listen until you can hear the voice within you; work until your muscles ache with growth.
  4. Look around you for what’s required – life provides for necessity.
  5. Show up.

It’s likely that how we do things will be vastly different than how y’all do things.  Then again, maybe not.  And of course, we’re always listening and learning, so speak up if you have any pearls to add.  It’s what I adore about this virtual space: the way it holds all of our ideas.

When I need to remember, for example, if peas want soaking before sowing, I can check out the consensus quickly on any number of sites.  And I can decide too that bully if it speeds up sprouting, I’m not going to nick hundreds of peas and I’m certainly not waiting until after this very afternoon to get them in the ground!  So please take this SOP in that spirit: this stuff works for us, take what you need and leave the rest.

May our children know, in their time, the peace, security and joy that we have found in connecting to the web of life through this amazing portal called a garden.  So mote it be.

Click here to view all 43,560 SOPs.

© Jennifer S. and, 2012.


(1) Bob Marley, Blackman Redemption, listen here.

(2) via The Annotated “Help on the Way”.


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