On the Elevens

I dig the number 11.  Reminds me of those two ancient pillars, Space and Time, and me living in between.

I like seeing it show up on my digital clocks, that 11:11 observational bias thing.

I like pausing for that one minute and wishing for something.  Not because I think that minute has magical powers, but because on this earth I have the freedom to direct my energy where I choose.  And harnessing a mind for a solid minute in the service of a single wish, well now that’s a pretty significant direction of energy that’s gotta amount to something.  I don’t know, call it prayer.

And I like November.  New Year blessings and by the 11th I’m generally feeling I can tackle new things.

So 11-11-11 seemed a perfectly reasonable and human-imposed auspicious date for starting this here blog.

Sure feels nice to have that first year done.  We ate well; had some crop failure.  Definitely hoping next year will bring less weeds.  We’ll see.

For tonight, I simply want to share that above all else I dig the number 11 because it makes for a wicked cool dance beat.

Check out this YouTube of the Grateful Dead from 1968, or choose a crystal clear listen of RatDog from Meymandi Concert Hall in Raleigh from 11/11/10.

For the latter, I can personally confirm, on that eleven, a good time was had.

© Jennifer S. and harvestliberty.net, 2012.


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