morning-glory-whiteI typically keep myself far away from the daily news cycle and heard nothing of the tragedy in Connecticut until my husband appeared home early from work to hug our children.  I did, however, catch on NPR this week a story on Syria where they interviewed children and families displaced by the violence there.  That story undid me, as too did the NY Times photos of children visiting the rubble of their school in Gaza destroyed by precision Israeli air strikes.  Precision, so they knew where they were aiming.

How can anyone on this earth harm an innocent child?  Yet our bombs and drones do it daily.  What happened in Connecticut isn’t any more or less horrific, simply way closer to home.  And there is something terrifying about such violence from the hands of someone so young . . . yet he was old enough to be a U.S. soldier.

The bottom line is that if his folks hadn’t had guns, everyone would still be alive.  It’s that simple.  When will we get this?  When will we understand that guns, that weapons, do not increase our liberty, but rather, diminish it.  Diminish our freedom and ourselves.  Liberty for me is the right to be myself wisely.  And weapons are not wise.

This incident feels so much like the soldier in Afghanistan who killed families there.  We live in a violent culture in a violent world.  With all of this violence I have a strange sense that we must make no mistake that Love is constantly under attack.

My mother sent me today an email from a dear friend who lost a child some years ago.  This amazing writer claims her words give no comfort, and that must be true: there are no words of comfort for a grieving parent.  But she does offer hope.  She says: “Reaching out in love ALWAYS seems to help my healing.”

In my recent work as a Witch, I along with others, have been visiting the astral to literally pour Love upon the earth.  At our upcoming Yule Ritual for Dragon’s Cauldron, our intention is to “shift from the love of power to the power of Love.”  This work sometimes feels silly or ineffectual: but it isn’t.

Love is still a magic word, and as an energy on this earth it has immense power — immense.  To respond to violence with Love is to respond with the greatest force imaginable.

May many, many voices say this and say this and say this.

© Jennifer S. and, 2012.


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