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It All Comes In So Fast

This song will not leave me be this week.  It’s demanding to be heard in my kitchen, my car, my inner ear.  There is something in the primal, raw beauty of Grace Slick’s voice.  Power.  Fierce love.  Standing strong and rooted in the raging storm.  Senses open witness to the unfathomable.  This is how I want to mother.  This is how I want to live.

So many songs on Kanter and Slick’s Sunfighter resonate with current issues, but this one, this one wants sharing today, so here goes.  I raise my glass to the divine child in each of us: you know who you are without looking.

by Paul Kantner & Grace Slick

She’ll suck on anything you give her
Stare at anything that’s shiny bright
Her voice cuts over the sea even when its stormy
But she’s only two feet high – she’ll get higher

I hope she sees some things that will make her time happy
It all comes in so fast it all comes in

She sleeps through almost any sound
Even when its screaming loud and clear
But she wakes up and smiles at a friendly voice
If it whispers softly in her ear

I see in her new face, a clear beginning
It all comes in so fast it all comes in
She knows who she is without looking
She says it right out happy when the feeling is there
She’s an all new person who says just what she feels
She’s a fat faced goddess of nowhere

I hope she sees some things that will make her time happy
It all comes in so fast it all comes in.

© Jennifer S. and harvestliberty.net, 2012.

One comment on “It All Comes In So Fast

  1. Chris Hayden
    December 20, 2012

    Fiercely tender–I love it!

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