Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out & Incorporate

So I’ve been doing my effing federal and state taxes.  I use an online prep site.  It makes it easier, but it still takes time.  First I have to be my own secretary, gathering our financial documents.  Then I have to become a tax attorney, studying the questions for clues to possible intelligent choices that will net me a tiny bit more of the money I’ve already earned.  Last, I am an accountant, handling the final optimization of the numbers, the loop holes and the supporting paper trail.  I’ve got at least eight hours logged on the project so far and I’m not done.

Meanwhile, I’m guessing that the new Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory, has utilized the services of a secretary, attorney and accountant to prepare his taxes.  I’m guessing too that he availed himself of the itemized deduction for tax preparation fees.  I can’t really do that unless I pay $14.95 to have the “free” e-file company do my state taxes.  I certainly can’t pay myself for the energy and time I’ve expended being my own secretary, attorney and accountant.

lemniscateFor that matter, my work as a childcare provider for my own kids isn’t allocated any value in our tax system.  But I can take my kids down the street to ABC Daycare and now that expenditure of time and energy is given a value.  And I can get a deduction for it too.  See it’s only when money changes hands that those at the top of the pyramid scheme, our financially elite dictators, make money.  So it’s only those types of transactions that are allocated value.

Now I’m not against paying taxes per se.  I am willing to do my part in a society of mutual cooperation.  But we don’t live in a society of mutual cooperation.  We live in a Corporatocracy where the only rule is profit.  And we are all, government officials included, mere slaves to Moneytarism, the most ingenious scam for enslavement ever created.

I used to believe that the answer was to seize personal liberty.  Like the six million blacks who between 1915 and 1970 exercised their freedom of movement and left the untenable conditions of the Jim Crow South (1), I thought I could likewise liberate myself.  I didn’t even need to change my geographic location, I simply needed to drop out.  Get off the energy grid, get off the debt roller coaster, reject the supremacy of money, learn to care for my needs with actual, palpable resources.

It’s an approach that still has great value.  We must continue to refuse to participate in the Corporatocracy: we must use the resources at our disposal to create new ways of being that we are actually living here, now.  But that approach isn’t enough.  Because they’re way ahead of us.

I can refuse to be an employee.  I can make my income fall low enough that I don’t have to pay income taxes.  But there’s no way for me to avoid inflation.  In our lovely fractional reserve system, when the money supply is increased, there need not be a proportional increase in goods and services.  Therefore our currency’s value is constantly being deflated.

In 2013, one hundred years after the Federal Reserve Bank was established,  I will need $23.19 to buy what a single dollar would have bought in 1913 (2).  Get out the wheelbarrow kids, we’re going grocery shopping!

It is the rare individual that can live entirely self-sufficient.  We need to participate in the exchange of goods and services in the marketplace in order to survive.  Inflation is a tax on all of us, employed or unemployed, on the grid or off the grid.  Similarly, Governor McCrory’s proposal to eliminate state income tax and replace revenues with an increased sales tax, including a tax on food, is really an attempt to tax the unemployed and underemployed.

clean-laundrySo what’s my point in all this?  My point is that in addition to building new ways of being that don’t participate in the Corporatocracy, I need to play their game for all I’m worth.

I need to stop looking at myself as an employee.  My time and energy are a resource, a resource my employer needs.  So in truth, aren’t they my client?  They are certainly buying my services (my unique skills) and my goods (my time and energy).  I’m definitely offering precisely what a business offers: I’m providing goods and services to address a need in the marketplace.  Given inflation, I’d say I even need to make profit my mission!  And when I contract myself to do things like provide childcare to my kids, it follows that I should enjoy the rights of both business and consumer.

Therefore, I’m done with representing myself in the marketplace, in society, as an individual.  To play in a Corporatocracy, you have to be a Corporation.  In contemporary America, I must be the Corporation who handles the business of Jennifer.

I haven’t worked it all through, that’s for sure.  Slaves don’t get much time to themselves, so give me a little slack where my logic makes leaps.  But there’s something here worth exploring further.  Maybe I’ll get to it after those taxes are filed.

© Jennifer S. and harvestliberty.net, 2013.


(1) Wilkerson, Isabel. The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration. New York: Vintage Books, Random House, Inc., 2010.

(2) via Inflation Calculator | Find US Dollar’s Value from 1913-2013.


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