The Light that Binds

On the Winter Solstice I participated in a dawn Yule Ritual that celebrated the magical transmutation of dark to light.  As the sun rose glittering like a ruby over the eastern horizon, I felt like dancing.  My very soul quickening with the rising orb: here comes the sun and I say, it’s all right. In … More The Light that Binds

Garden Authority

It has been too long since I held communion with the Green Realm.  Around these parts, it is a quiet time.  Only the evergreens remain to add their chlorophyll ease to eyes weary of browns and grays. Yet, there is work to be done.  I cut down the withered stalks of dead flowers, scattering their … More Garden Authority

Freeing Seeds

I will never forget the first time I watched Grandpa Jack deadhead a marigold and scatter its seeds.  It was a flat out miracle.  I took high school biology, so I knew about the birds and the bees, but somehow I never quite put it together that flower seeds would be a part of the … More Freeing Seeds

Action in the Hood #1

The folks in my neighborhood were at it again this week.  This time it was a post about the movie Obama’s America 2016 that spurred the listserv monitor to write in and remind everyone that: “The purpose of our listserv is for discussing matters related to our community such as getting recommendations for various household … More Action in the Hood #1

The Alchemy of I

There was a wondrous lift to the breeze yesterday.  A certain undeniable lilt to the patterned drifting of the clouds in their sea of blue.  We were below, working the potatoes.  Mounding soft dirt at the base of each plant and cutting skyward shoots above: our intention the focusing of energy in the tubers slowly … More The Alchemy of I

Illimitably Earth

Spent a fabulous and balanced week digging in the dirt.  Reaping, tilling, sowing, transplanting and nurturing.  We harvested some of our winter rye.  Felt like being in a Van Gogh painting — two figures, one cutting and the other bundling.  A gentle moment. My eldest son and I fulfilled a yearly tradition, planting an inaugural … More Illimitably Earth

Persephone’s Message

Goddess bless the old stories.  Those marvelous tellings passed down from generation to generation, comfort against life’s difficult truth: that there is pain here where we live; that in this land death has no mercy.  These have been hard weeks in the human realm as we have tread through deep sorrow and battled troubling distortions.  … More Persephone’s Message

SOP for Our 43,560

Greetings from our humble 43,560: square feet that is, which my husband assures me is what’s in an acre.  Makes it seem as big as it feels most days.  More yard than house, this space is brimming over with life from all the realms – green vegetable and floral beings of countless variety, birds, butterflies, … More SOP for Our 43,560

Mucking About

All of a sudden the green realm around these parts is popping.  This sphere of dirt and air and light and water humming with the mysterious sparking spirit that beckons life from the depths of winter.  The budding trees and upward pushing perennials send out a kinetic quaking that creates a similar quickening in me.  … More Mucking About