Down the Shore

My heart is in Jersey this week.  It’s the place of my birth and the roots of both my adopted and biological family trees intertwine in the soils there.  Since learning of the storm’s destruction, my mind has agitated down the roads of my childhood, as if the churning energies of Sandy unearthed more than … More Down the Shore

Warming Fires

My husband is a first responder for wildfires.  With the nights turning cooler around these parts, we’ve had several dinners and family evenings interrupted by fire calls.  I’m accustomed to this annual uptake.  As the trees shut down sugar production and drop their leaves, forests are particularly vulnerable to fire.  Fire is simply following its … More Warming Fires

Money, Honey

The New York Times ran a Steven Rattner op-ed piece this morning titled The Rich Get Even Richer.  The article calls for our nation to address the ever widening income gap between the top richest one percent of Americans and the rest of us, citing new statistics derived by two French economists studying American’s 2010 … More Money, Honey

Neighborly Relations

It’s been a strange Monday.  Grumpy and contentious.  On my neighborhood list serve this morning someone posted a link to the American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER).  The vote on Same Sex Marriage Amendment 1 comes up in May in North Carolina, so it’s at least timely.  But very quickly someone wrote in to ask … More Neighborly Relations

Purchasing Wisely

In America, escape from advertising is futile.  Our lives are saturated with messages to buy – buy this widget, buy this lifestyle, buy this political agenda (1).  Even a necessity like food is marketed to us through a partnership of the United States Department of Agriculture and major players in the food industry (2).  Remember … More Purchasing Wisely

Statistical Stories

I’m not a statistician, but I find a certain fulfillment in statistical data.  I freely admit to enjoying the occasional slice of Excel pie to satisfy the cravings of my 21st Century hunger for precise scientific measurement of life’s mysteries.  Yet, there is also an appeal to the storyteller in me – because statistics are … More Statistical Stories

Rock Rhythm

You can take the girl out of Jersey, but you can’t take Jersey out of the girl.  I’m full of Springsteen this afternoon – Dancing in the Dark.  It’s what it feels like most days, trying to craft this new life amidst the remnants of smoldering Rome.  But onward: let the slow polishing of bits … More Rock Rhythm