Rock On

Hear me that I love a dance!  Simply ain’t nothing else on this earth like live, from the source music.  I’m partial to a full electric sound, with the vibrations so strong they thicken the air, pulsing from the speakers as visible energy.  Into that soup I dive and into the groove I ascend.  The … More Rock On

The Alchemy of I

There was a wondrous lift to the breeze yesterday.  A certain undeniable lilt to the patterned drifting of the clouds in their sea of blue.  We were below, working the potatoes.  Mounding soft dirt at the base of each plant and cutting skyward shoots above: our intention the focusing of energy in the tubers slowly … More The Alchemy of I

Overstanding Nacirema

I will never forget a lesson imparted by my 8th grade social studies teacher.  It’s one I trust many of you have encountered along the path of the US educational system.  She had us read Horace Miner’s 1956 anthropological study, Body Ritual Among the Nacirema.  Discussion followed and it was the girl sitting in front … More Overstanding Nacirema