Growing Irish Potatoes in the North Carolina Piedmont

When it comes to potatoes, aren’t we all a bit Irish?  I adore the earthy orbs, baked, boiled, steamed, or fried; and I’d be quite content to eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  When I ate my first homegrown ones though — little baby spring taters robbed from the plants that morning and then … More Growing Irish Potatoes in the North Carolina Piedmont

Garden Authority

It has been too long since I held communion with the Green Realm.  Around these parts, it is a quiet time.  Only the evergreens remain to add their chlorophyll ease to eyes weary of browns and grays. Yet, there is work to be done.  I cut down the withered stalks of dead flowers, scattering their … More Garden Authority

Freeing Seeds

I will never forget the first time I watched Grandpa Jack deadhead a marigold and scatter its seeds.  It was a flat out miracle.  I took high school biology, so I knew about the birds and the bees, but somehow I never quite put it together that flower seeds would be a part of the … More Freeing Seeds

Harvesting Honey

As a child I went often with Papa Bear and Small Bear on The Big Honey Hunt.  Over river and through dale I laughed and laughed as Papa Bear chased his bee, sticking his paw into every tree but the honey tree.  Back then it never troubled me that the final message of the book … More Harvesting Honey

Mucking About

All of a sudden the green realm around these parts is popping.  This sphere of dirt and air and light and water humming with the mysterious sparking spirit that beckons life from the depths of winter.  The budding trees and upward pushing perennials send out a kinetic quaking that creates a similar quickening in me.  … More Mucking About

Moon Dancing

In the green realm, there are no ticking clocks.  There are no calendars scribbled through with appointments.  In the green realm, the sun and the moon and the stars keep the beat.  Natural time. The stars reveal the cadence of the seasons in a bass line more complex even than that thrummed by Phil Lesh.  … More Moon Dancing


This week I’m thick in one of my favorite garden seasons: the dreaming.  Yes, it’s a time of close reckoning – what seeds do we have, what seeds do we need, what will prove a sound financial investment with our food dollars?  But mainly, it’s a time of glorious possibility.  Now, before we have broken … More Virtuality

Breath Work

Today, in our garden, my only job is to breathe. I breathe in gratitude for the brilliant blue depths of the North Carolina sky.  I breathe out love for the oaks and maples and pines that root into the space we share.   I breathe in gratitude for the warmth and light of the slowly rising … More Breath Work

Fencing Rabbits

As you can see, the rabbits we share this habitat with are well fed.  This photo was taken in early spring, when most rabbits would be skin and bones.  Ours were skin, bones and a healthy layer of early peas, soon fleshed out in summer even further with every single leaf of the high-protein soybeans … More Fencing Rabbits