When I was a little girl, I believed my Grandpa James was a great wizard.  If I woke up early enough while visiting his beach home, and I crept quietly to the stair landing of the loft where we slept, I could watch him work his magic in the kitchen below. Somehow, through the sheer … More Popovers

Down the Shore

My heart is in Jersey this week.  It’s the place of my birth and the roots of both my adopted and biological family trees intertwine in the soils there.  Since learning of the storm’s destruction, my mind has agitated down the roads of my childhood, as if the churning energies of Sandy unearthed more than … More Down the Shore

Warming Fires

My husband is a first responder for wildfires.  With the nights turning cooler around these parts, we’ve had several dinners and family evenings interrupted by fire calls.  I’m accustomed to this annual uptake.  As the trees shut down sugar production and drop their leaves, forests are particularly vulnerable to fire.  Fire is simply following its … More Warming Fires

SOP for Our 43,560

Greetings from our humble 43,560: square feet that is, which my husband assures me is what’s in an acre.  Makes it seem as big as it feels most days.  More yard than house, this space is brimming over with life from all the realms – green vegetable and floral beings of countless variety, birds, butterflies, … More SOP for Our 43,560

Cockeyed Cake

This is a great recipe to get children engaged in the kitchen.  We used to make the entire thing in the cake pan, sifting together all the dry ingredients first, then creating crater holes for each of the liquids.  When the vinegar mixes with the baking soda, it does cool bubbly things. This happens to … More Cockeyed Cake

Recipe Rites

I always knew we Americans liked our processed and prepared foods, but I was stunned to learn that at the turn of the 21st Century, we spent 41.9% of our food dollars on food away from home — almost one in every two meals.  In 1960 we spent only 21% of our food budget on … More Recipe Rites

Purchasing Wisely

In America, escape from advertising is futile.  Our lives are saturated with messages to buy – buy this widget, buy this lifestyle, buy this political agenda (1).  Even a necessity like food is marketed to us through a partnership of the United States Department of Agriculture and major players in the food industry (2).  Remember … More Purchasing Wisely