On the Elevens

I dig the number 11.  Reminds me of those two ancient pillars, Space and Time, and me living in between. I like seeing it show up on my digital clocks, that 11:11 observational bias thing. I like pausing for that one minute and wishing for something.  Not because I think that minute has magical powers, … More On the Elevens

Showing Up

It all seems so simple while dancing in my kitchen to The Eleven.  Create a virtual space for my ramblings on sowing and reaping liberty.  The tending of my plot in The Commons, an action of accountability to my children and the seven generations to come. As my body rocks a lemniscate curve to that … More Showing Up


Branches up, roots down. I stand on feet firmed to the earth and breath in. I envision myself notching the arrow, drawing the bow. I let her fly: “I intend to sow and reap liberty by engaging my voice.” The vibrations hum my fingers. I breathe out. So mote it be.