Freeing Seeds

I will never forget the first time I watched Grandpa Jack deadhead a marigold and scatter its seeds.  It was a flat out miracle.  I took high school biology, so I knew about the birds and the bees, but somehow I never quite put it together that flower seeds would be a part of the … More Freeing Seeds

Mucking About

All of a sudden the green realm around these parts is popping.  This sphere of dirt and air and light and water humming with the mysterious sparking spirit that beckons life from the depths of winter.  The budding trees and upward pushing perennials send out a kinetic quaking that creates a similar quickening in me.  … More Mucking About

Breath Work

Today, in our garden, my only job is to breathe. I breathe in gratitude for the brilliant blue depths of the North Carolina sky.  I breathe out love for the oaks and maples and pines that root into the space we share.   I breathe in gratitude for the warmth and light of the slowly rising … More Breath Work