Fencing Rabbits

As you can see, the rabbits we share this habitat with are well fed.  This photo was taken in early spring, when most rabbits would be skin and bones.  Ours were skin, bones and a healthy layer of early peas, soon fleshed out in summer even further with every single leaf of the high-protein soybeans … More Fencing Rabbits

Baby Steps

My mom taught me this one.  It’s a strategy for maintaining borders around your personal energy amidst a universe that’s constantly seeking to engage that energy.  And yes, I’m making it sound much more deep than it is.  Bear with me, it’s really simple, and it was while talking to my mom about my first … More Baby Steps


“Anyone can plant a garden,” an old Mainer once said to me, “but it takes a farmer to bring in a harvest.”  Now he may have been referencing drought or locusts, but I’m guessing from the way he rubbed his elbow, he meant weeds. A weed is simply a plant that is not valued where … More Weeding