Garden Authority

It has been too long since I held communion with the Green Realm.  Around these parts, it is a quiet time.  Only the evergreens remain to add their chlorophyll ease to eyes weary of browns and grays. Yet, there is work to be done.  I cut down the withered stalks of dead flowers, scattering their … More Garden Authority

Sometimes It Rains

On Wednesdays I have a deal with myself that I’ll post something related to my philosophical and political exploration of liberty.  So I’m here, showing up, but sometimes that’s all we can do.  With nothing fully formed enough yet to be written with any truth, I offer to you instead some notes on the direction … More Sometimes It Rains

Liberty Talks

There is perhaps no experience more valuable in my exploration of liberty than discussion with friends and family.  These people know me.  They aren’t afraid to offer their truth and to challenge mine.  That’s good stuff.  I mean, here we are, two different philosophies in the same space, sharing a meal no less: that’s liberty … More Liberty Talks

I play. But this is what I think.

Happy New Year!  More to the point: merry, merry returning of the light!  From the depths of winter’s spiraling darkness, the sun is pulling me each day incrementally closer to the surface.  Persephone, upward!  It’s time to work. For this project, that means tending to focused purpose, organization, and consistency.  It’s been fun to play, … More I play. But this is what I think.