Warming Fires

My husband is a first responder for wildfires.  With the nights turning cooler around these parts, we’ve had several dinners and family evenings interrupted by fire calls.  I’m accustomed to this annual uptake.  As the trees shut down sugar production and drop their leaves, forests are particularly vulnerable to fire.  Fire is simply following its … More Warming Fires


I am always amazed anew at the destruction of my hands.  The intense cold of the river’s water stings my knuckles and blisters open raw against the scraping metal of the washboard.  They seem the hands of another and it is hard to believe that they once reached deft and smooth for an apple.  As … More Eve


There are small miracles within writer’s block.  The whistle of a train can cut the silence.  Long and low across the night, its rumbling, creaky progress echoes, until, with a layering of staccato beats, it accelerates and passes out of town. I, too, pass, and speed above the fast hum, a rhythmic clacking and my … More Unselfdeceptive

Showing Up

It all seems so simple while dancing in my kitchen to The Eleven.  Create a virtual space for my ramblings on sowing and reaping liberty.  The tending of my plot in The Commons, an action of accountability to my children and the seven generations to come. As my body rocks a lemniscate curve to that … More Showing Up